Want to get in shape but can’t keep to an exercise schedule? Here’s how to create and maintain an exercise routine.

Exercising offers several health benefits, both for the physical and psychological body. Doing physical activities causes the release of endorphins, a hormone responsible for the feeling of well being.

In addition, exercising helps to improve immunity and physical conditioning. In other words, exercising contributes to burning calories, helps you perform other everyday tasks and when combined with a healthy diet, helps prevent various diseases.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of physical exercise, here’s how to create and maintain an exercise routine.

How to create and maintain an exercise routine

1- Take time to train

Maybe you feel like you don’t have time to train every day, but in most cases, the real problem is a lack of motivation or a commitment to other habits that prevents you from starting to train. So there are several ways to solve this problem.

You can start booking a time. See the best time to carry out your workouts, don’t let other activities appear when training. In addition, you can create a specific alarm for it to remind you every day to perform your workouts.

The second option is to eliminate a bad habit through workouts. Everyone has some throwaway habit or hobby that does more harm than good, like spending hours on the phone or watching television. So, if you want to have a healthier routine, think about how you’re spending your spare time.

The best way to incorporate exercises into your routine is to set aside time each day for them after a while you get used to them and they become part of your everyday life.

2- Have sensible goals

Don’t set big goals right away, if you don’t usually exercise, you’re not ready to do very heavy workouts, the right thing in this situation is to gradually increase. So start slowly, training 3 times a week for 30 minutes and increase when you feel comfortable.

Remember not to wear yourself out, exaggerating in the beginning can cause injuries, muscle strains, among other problems. As a result, most people who do these exaggerations end up giving up or becoming discouraged from getting in shape.

3- Do activities that interest you

If you feel bored of going to the gym alone, you can choose to do activities that give you pleasure and do them in a group, this type of training is even better with friends.

It’s much easier to train when you enjoy doing activities that you enjoy and that give you pleasure. There are several ways to exercise without having to go to the gym such as cycling, swimming, skateboarding, running, dancing, football and other sports.

4- Pay attention to your measurements

Instead of calculating how many pounds you’ve lost, use a tape measure to keep track of your measurements, as you may be able to gain muscle and weight, but you will lose a few inches.

Remember to record your measurements over time so you can track your progress. Don’t forget to measure your arms, ankles and neck.

5- Drink water

Don’t forget to bring your water bottle to your workouts, but don’t go overboard with the volume when you’re training. Because the body loses salt through sweat, in cases like this, overdoing it with water ends up removing the rest of the nutrients. Also, you can take an isotonic. However, be careful to choose one that doesn’t have a high sugar content.

So drink enough water to replace what you’ve lost. The amount of water you will need to drink depends on several factors such as the weather, your weight, the intensity of your workouts, among other factors.

In addition, dehydration is responsible for slowing down your process, as it increases the risk of muscle strains, and can even cause nausea. So, avoid drinking sodas and drinking coffee.

6- Be responsible

Make a schedule and write down every day your schedules and workouts you practiced on those days. With this, you can measure your process and become more aware of your new responsibility. As a result, with an agenda you can see your results little by little.

7- Choose a healthy diet

You need to learn to eat the right way to achieve your goals. A golden tip is not to go into fancy diets, as it is very difficult to stick to them. The right way to go on a diet is to create a lifestyle that doesn’t require sacrifices and is still beneficial to what you want to achieve.

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8- Always try to stay motivated

Over time you will get used to the training routine and gain muscle, as a result you will have an easier time performing your exercises, but remember to always stay motivated in training, when your record is very easy, change it. to for another.

A great way to feel motivated is to find people who have already reached where you want to go, it doesn’t have to be someone from your city, you can find many influencers on the internet, who have already arrived at the body you want.

In addition, you can take the opportunity to spend more time with your friends, one of the easiest ways to stay motivated in tasks is to do it with someone you already know, as one gives the other strength to continue.

Now that you know how to create and maintain an exercise routine, you have no more excuses not to train.

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