Muscle hypertrophy corresponds to the increase in muscle mass that is the result of the union of three factors: adequate nutrition, intense physical exercise, and rest. It is possible for anyone to achieve hypertrophy, as long as they have a training plan suitable for their goal, an adequate diet for an exercise routine and a good rest. Yes, rest is essential to achieve hypertrophy, it is advisable to rest at least 24 hours before working the muscle group again. Muscle hypertrophy always happens during the rest period and not necessarily during exercise.

How does hypertrophy happen?

During physical exercise, the musculature suffers small cracks from injuries and after hypertrophy training, the body begins to react and repair the injuries caused by training, consequently, an increase in muscle mass occurs.

These small injuries happen due to muscle stress caused by the exercise overload, that is, the performance of exercises with excess weights (kg) that the musculature is used to supporting.

This stress is clearly perceived when the musculature starts to burn, leading almost to fatigue, at that moment, micro injuries are happening, consequently causing hypertrophy.

How to do the training for hypertrophy?

Hypertrophy training must be established by a qualified physical education professional according to the person’s characteristics. Usually this type of training is done intensely, at least 3 times a week and with the use of high load, on average 80% of the maximum force supported by the individual.

However, some training modalities, such as thecrossfit (link to article), for example, can complement the use of weight with exercises that use the body’s own weight, which makes training more dynamic, as it changes the muscle stimulus, favoring hypertrophy.

In addition, aerobic exercises are indicated, as this stimulates the body’s metabolism, increasing energy expenditure and promoting localized fat burning.(See here how to burn localized fat – Link to another article).

As fat is eliminated, it is possible to gain muscle mass more easily, and it is also important to have an adequate diet.(link proper nutrition) to the goal to ensure muscle gain.

Always remember to seek help from a qualified physical education professional to help you ensure and potentiate the effects of hypertrophy.


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