Training and fitness

Martial arts are excellent for physical and mental preparation.

The discipline and regularity of training is essential for perfect conditioning.


This modality develops high levels of physical conditioning. With a high intensity, they have a wide range of varied exercises.

Cross Training

Addressing bodybuilding, combat sports, weightlifting among others.

It is an applied functional training that crosses several joint activities.

Muscular hypertrophy

Type of heavy training, with maximum performance effectiveness and muscle mass gain accompanied by body definition.

Basically it’s reaching the maximum load with as many repetitions as possible.

Organize your training in 3 steps


set your goal

Define, grow, fitness. Knowing what to expect from the results of your workouts is the foundation for resilience and achieving results.


Choose your modality

According to your objective, you will now define in which training modality to proceed. More than one mode is also possible.


start your workouts

Rain or shine, the regularity of your workouts should always be your biggest goal. Always remember the goal you want to achieve.