Before starting a workout, it is important to prepare first. Here’s a list of warm-up exercises you need to know.

Nowadays, it is increasingly common to practice exercises, just as there are people who exercise for health reasons, there are also those who do it for aesthetic reasons, to achieve the desired body.

The importance of warm-up exercises

Whatever the training, warm-up exercises are very important, because before performing this type of physical activity you need to prepare yourself, both physically and psychologically.

Warm-up exercises serve to prevent injuries and help improve productivity as they increase blood circulation and body temperature.

This increase in body temperature offers benefits such as increasing the rate of metabolism, increasing the amount of oxygen available to the muscles, increasing the speed and strength of muscle contraction, and increasing joint capacity.

Warm-up exercises you need to do

1- Joint mobility

When warming up begins, the synovial fluid warms and lubricates the joints and releases enzymes that help to burn fat more efficiently.

Therefore, to avoid injuries during training, warm-up for all joints is essential.

2- Hiking, treadmill, jogging, cycling, rowing and elliptical

These are great exercises to raise your body temperature and prepare your body before doing your workouts. You can do so much with the equipment offered by the gym such as a bicycle, rowing machine, elliptical trainer and treadmill. When doing outdoors through walks or jogging, popularly known as running.

3- Dynamic stretching

The best way to warm up the body is through dynamic stretches, to perform these exercises people usually kick their feet towards the ceiling, or kick their feet to the side.

4- Exercises to perform during training

These exercises use movements that are included in your training, but are performed with less intensity and with less load to ensure that they are performed correctly. Also, this is a great way to practice your technique.

5- Jump rope

This is a quick and easy way to warm up your body. To perform this workout you need to put your feet together or alternate them, this is a great way to speed up metabolism and warm up the whole body.

6- Coordination ladder

Ultimately, this warm-up improves balance, improves coordination, and increases agility. That means this exercise is great for field, gym and even sand activities.

However, it is worth remembering that before performing any physical activity, you first need to perform warm-up exercises. Because they help both in training performance and in injury prevention.

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