Benefits of drinking water – Know Everything

Find out now the importance of drinking water and its benefits for our body. In addition to how to drink more water on a daily basis.

The human body is about 60% to 70% water. It is extremely important to drink plenty of water as our blood, lungs, muscles and brain contain a lot of water.

What can a lack of water in our body do?

Fatigue, dry skin, irregular blood pressure, cramps, constipation or even cause death in very serious cases.

Furthermore, water is considered a universal solvent, which helps to release toxins that the kidneys filter through urine. As a result, a lack of water in the body can generate symptoms such as: low blood pressure, dry mucous membranes, dry skin and greater concentration of urine, which makes it darker and scarcer.

Do you have any idea how many glasses of water your body needs to drink to enjoy all the benefits offered by water?

General recommendations usually state that for men, around 3.7 liters of water per day is enough. Now, for women, the recommended total is 2.7 liters of water per day.

Experts point out that it is possible to know whether the amount of water being ingested is enough through urine and the clearer the better. However, this method cannot be considered 100% effective. Some medications, vitamins and even pigmented foods are capable of changing the color of urine.

To tell the truth, there is no ideal amount of water that needs to be ingested per day. What really determines how much water you need to drink are our daily needs, such as the climate, weight, sweat, people who practice physical activity such as exercise or exercise need to consume more water than a person who has the same weight, however, who does not practices physical activities.

It is worth remembering that it is also possible to absorb water from food, there are dishes rich in water such as cauliflower, pineapple, watermelons, yogurts, oranges, radishes, soups, grapes, strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli and other foods.

Benefits of drinking water

Drinking the amount of water necessary for our body promotes several benefits for our health. See below the 8 main benefits of drinking water.

Drinking water helps transport nutrients throughout your body

Drinking plenty of water helps with the transport of nutrients, as this occurs through a part of the blood called plasma.

Because of the water, the blood becomes more fluid, as a result, it becomes easier to transport the nutrients needed by the body, into our cells.

This means that without the necessary amount of water, it becomes increasingly difficult to take advantage of the nutrients that our body needs to remain healthy.

Drinking water helps boost immunity

Drinking water helps improve immunity, as with adequate hydration, it is possible to increase the fluidity of all the secretions produced by our lungs. As a result, water, even indirectly, cleans bacteria and viruses that remain in our respiratory system.

Drinking water is good for your skin

One of the main benefits of water is that it can renew cells and improve skin hydration. Furthermore, water also prevents the skin from peeling or becoming dull. As a result, water ends up contributing to more beautiful, younger skin, in addition to being healthier.

Drinking water helps control blood pressure

This is certainly one of the best benefits of drinking water, as it helps control blood pressure, which is responsible for determining blood density. This means that drinking adequate water helps control cardiovascular diseases and control high blood pressure.

Drinking water helps you lose weight

This is one of the benefits of drinking water that tends to attract people’s attention. Drinking water helps to lose weight, as it has an intimate connection with improving our brain activity, which also has a connection with our weight.

Our brain is one of the organs that most need water, this is due to its large energy consumption, therefore it is essential for our health to drink an adequate amount of water for our body.

Drinking water helps improve your bowel function

The more water you drink, the better the fiber you consume is digested, in other words, your intestines work faster the more water you drink.

This means that when water and fiber come together, your intestine works better, due to the lubrication of the intestinal walls, helping to improve mobility.

Drinking water helps improve your mood

Drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up is good to help improve brain health, it helps blood circulate better around the body. As a result, it helps to improve your day-to-day disposition.

Drinking water helps cleanse your body

With the metabolization of fat, waste is deposited within our body.
For these wastes to be eliminated, it is necessary to drink water, so that our body can eliminate toxins through urine.

How to drink more water during the day

We know that sometimes it is difficult to drink enough water, whether because you don’t have the habit and forget it or because you don’t like the taste and find it boring, unfortunately it is not possible to replace water with soft drinks or very sugary drinks.
So whatever your reason for not drinking water, here are some solutions to your problem.

For those who don’t like drinking water:

1- Drink tempered water

For those who don’t like the taste or who find the water very bland, a great option is to “season” the water. Some options for seasoning the water are using slices of pineapple, lemon, ginger, orange, cinnamon sticks, mint leaves, in short, you can use your creativity to make your water drinking experience a little more pleasant.

2- Drink more coffee or tea

Drinking coffee and tea are great for increasing fluids, as well as being a cult issue, which means that it is very common for Brazilians to drink these drinks for breakfast or an afternoon snack.
However, in this case, it is not recommended to use sugar, but if it is very difficult to remove this food from your drinks, a solution for this is to reduce it as much as possible.

For those who forget to drink water:

1- Always leave a bottle of water visible

Carrying a bottle of fresh water helps you remember to drink water. If you work in an office or study, a great option is to leave the bottle in front of you, this way you avoid forgetting to drink water.

2- Drink a glass before each meal

For those forgetful, a great option is to drink water before all your meals, such as breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner.

3- Applications

If none of the previous strategies work, you can use apps to help you remember to drink water. These apps send sound warnings or reminders in notifications that help you not to forget to drink water.

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