Physical activities you can do with your children

Do you want to spend time with your little one, but don’t know how? In this article we have separated some tips on physical activities that you can do with your children.

Due to the modern lifestyle, many children and adults end up becoming prone to a sedentary lifestyle. as a result, many children suffer from various health problems, even the youngest ones. Therefore, to help you overcome this problem, we have put together 3 physical activity tips for you to do with your children!

Top 3 physical activities you can do with your children

To avoid this problem in a fun and playful way, I need to choose exercises that are age-appropriate and performed consistently, so that children do these exercises daily, making it a routine and getting everyone involved. Do you want to know how to improve your little one’s health with physical exercise? Continue reading this article.

Atividade físicas que você pode fazer com seus filhos
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1- Walk

The first physical activity tip you can do with your children is walking. After all, all ages can participate, as long as the intensity and speed are adapted so that your children don’t exert so much effort.

In addition, walking offers several health benefits, but it also serves as a basis so that, as time passes and the child develops, your child can practice more complex sports more easily in the future.

however, it is important to give priority to parks, safe urban spaces or green areas. In addition, it is also possible to cycle to continue doing aerobic exercises. However, it is very important that you take even more care than when walking, as cycling is not that easy at first. However, over time, your child will develop a feeling of being supported and trust in their parents will increase.

2- Dance

Physical activity can indeed be fun! For many people, dancing is completely natural, and it’s a great way for parents to connect with their children. Furthermore, another benefit of dancing is that it can be fundamental for developing body awareness and motor coordination.

It’s worth remembering that the rhythm is not that important and the songs can be adapted to your personal taste, but remember to choose something that your child likes, to improve their experience, as this will definitely help them. to let go more in this unique moment with you.

Furthermore, nowadays there are several YouTube channels that teach choreography to their subscribers and that children love. However, if your child is very young, a suggestion is to dance freely, as this will help with the development of creativity.

3- Ball games

Finally, ball games cannot be missed. In Brazil, most people tend to have football as their favorite sport, but you can explore other alternatives with your child. After all, it is interesting to have several options, each of which is more suitable for certain age groups.

Furthermore, you can also make several adaptations, such as using plastic bottles to improvise a bowling alley. Hot potato is an interesting idea for young children, where all participants sit on the floor forming a circle and passing the ball to others to the sound of music and whoever has the ball in their hand when the music stops must go to the center or pay a gift as agreed before the game starts.

Now it’s time to practice these activities and follow the physical activity tips with your children. Don’t forget that the frequency and consistency of these exercises will be fundamental to your child’s development. Furthermore, you will also benefit from this, leaving a sedentary lifestyle behind and setting a great example for your children of how important physical activity is.