Benefits of cardio training

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Have you heard about cardio training? In this article you will discover what these types of training are and their benefits. Check out:

Nowadays it has become common for people to have poor eating habits and be sedentary, as a result of which this increases their stress levels. Therefore, cardio training is a great alternative for people who want to abandon bad habits and start living a healthier life.

However, do you know what this type of training is and what cardio training is for? In this article you will learn about the various benefits of cardio training for your health and the exercises that involve this type of training.

Benefits of cardio training

To have a more active and healthy life you need to do some type of physical activity. After all, as everyone already knows, physical activities offer several benefits to the life of the person who trains.

Furthermore, among the physical activities that improve the health of the body is cardiorespiratory training, popularly known as cardio training. This type of activity helps the athlete achieve cardiovascular and respiratory adaptations. As a result, this increases the practitioner’s resistance and reduces fatigue.

Therefore, this type of exercise strengthens the cardiac system, muscles and even the lungs. However, after carrying out this type of training it is normal for the practitioner to be very sweaty and out of breath.

Treino cardio: O que é e benefícios
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Because of cardiovascular training, the body receives many benefits. As well as strengthening the heart muscle. As a result, the heart can pump more blood with each beat.

Furthermore, this activity is also linked to the amount of hemoglobin in the blood. In other words, this training allows you to bring more oxygen to the entire body and increase the number of mitochondria within cells. As a result, cardio training helps improve oxygen absorption.

And the benefits of cardiovascular training don’t stop there, check out other beneficial actions of this activity for the body:

1- Helps keep the body in shape and lose weight

Cardiovascular training can offer a high expenditure of calories when the intensity of the exercises is high. As a result, you can burn fat and lose weight by practicing this type of activity.

2- Strengthens the respiratory system

Cardio training makes your lungs work even harder. As a result of this training, it increases your lung capacity and contributes to strengthening your cardiorespiratory system.

3- Prevents diseases in the heart and respiratory system

Cardiovascular exercises are associated with the prevention of several diseases. After all, these training sessions reduce cholesterol, reduce arterial pressure, and strengthen the muscles used in breathing.

4- Increased physical resistance

By performing cardio training regularly, the body begins to adapt to greater intensities. As a result, it offers more physical resistance to the athlete.

How to do a cardiovascular workout?

There are several cardiovascular exercises that are capable of improving circulation and the use of oxygen by active muscles during the practice of these activities. These include swimming, running, HITT, indoor cycling and Orange Zone.

These activities can be practiced according to the physical fitness and individuality of each athlete. This way, each person can evolve at their own pace.

Check out more information about each type of cardiovascular training below:

1- Swimming

Swimming is a great option for people who want to lose weight. Furthermore, as it is an activity carried out in water, it has very little risk of causing injuries to the athlete, as the joint overload is lower.

Furthermore, weight loss is not the only benefit of this exercise, as swimming is also capable of improving cardiorespiratory health. Furthermore, studies indicate that just one hour of swimming can burn approximately 480 kcal.

2- Race

Running is one of the main cardiorespiratory exercises, being one of the best options for people who want to do cardio training in order to dry out. After all, it’s great for burning unwanted fat.

Furthermore, this exercise speeds up the metabolism. As a result, the body burns more while performing the activity and even after finishing training.


High-Intensity Interval Training, popularly known as HITT, is an activity that involves repeated high-intensity sessions, accompanied from time to time by varied recovery.

Furthermore, Squash is also considered a form of HITT, as it can offer the same benefits due to its high intensity.

It is worth noting that this training is very good for people who want to burn calories quickly. After all, due to its high intensity, it causes the body to go through an oxygen deficit and need to restore its level to what it was before starting the activity. As a result, this causes the body to accelerate calorie burning by up to 15% when compared to other aerobic training.

Furthermore, as it is a high-intensity exercise, HITT also offers benefits such as improving cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure, and improving cardiovascular and respiratory health.

Finally, HITT is also linked to increased insulin sensitivity. This means that it can help your muscles during exercise by using glucose as a form of fuel to produce more energy.

4- Bike indoor

On the indoor bike, simulations of different types of training are carried out, as well as on flat terrain and even in mountains, for this reason, the caloric expenditure here is as high as that of running.

The main benefit of this training is that even if the athlete does not have good motor coordination, he will be able to benefit from this type of training.

Furthermore, this activity manages to mix medium and high intensity aerobic training. Spinning provides great benefits for blood circulation and can help reduce cholesterol and hypertension levels.

5- Orange zone

Orange Zone is a new weight loss method that combines functional exercises with weight training, as well as indoor rowing with running and usually lasts up to an hour per class.

Furthermore, this type of cardio training is used to lose weight, being very intense and providing a large caloric consumption, causing an increase in enzymes and hormones that metabolically facilitate the mobilization of fat. Furthermore, it is also a great option for people who want to improve their physical conditioning.

High intensity or high intensity, which one to choose?

If you want to start cardiovascular training you need to know what the ideal intensity will be for you. After all, this varies from person to person, as your training needs to be in line with your goals and the lifestyle you lead.

High intensity

High-intensity training is ideal for people who want to lose weight and define their muscles. The advantage of choosing this modality is that the training time required here is much less than in low-intensity training.

Low intensity

Low-intensity workouts are good for people who want to increase endurance and stay in shape, making them great for achieving this type of goal. However, it is worth remembering that this type of exercise requires more free time to be carried out efficiently.

Furthermore, a good example of this type of activity is walking and dancing, as they are considered good activities for people who want to train at low intensity.

Do cardio training before or after other workouts?

Many people are in doubt whether to do cardio training before or after training to lose weight. However, just like the intensity level, here you will also need to choose the order according to your personal goals. After all, each training offers different reactions in the body.

If your goal at the gym is to gain mass and lose fat, it is interesting that you perform cardio training after performing weight training exercises. However, if you are looking to improve your cardiorespiratory fitness, it is better to choose to do cardio training before weight training.

Now that you know what cardio training is, it’s time to choose which one best fits into your daily life and best meets your goals.