Practice physical exercise even when working from home

Even working from home, it is essential that you do physical exercise, as this habit is harmful to your health and increases the risk of disease.

Nowadays, several organizations have made the decision to work from home, via home office, as offices no longer exist, their workers carry out their duties from home and, sometimes, face-to-face meetings take place in coworking spaces or cafes.

And working from home, you no longer spend a lot of time getting to work, and in this free time it’s good to acquire some hobbies and good habits.

It is very important that you maintain an exercise routine no matter where you are based.

People have a certain desire to exercise regularly when working from home, as they cannot consider their own homes as a suitable place to exercise.

Generally, people don’t have much motivation to do physical activities and these people eat and ingest a lot of high-calorie foods the longer they stay at home.

And as everything has a consequence, this ends up helping people to have possible illnesses and be sedentary.

In addition to having many benefits for the body, doing physical exercise regularly ensures that you have more focus on your tasks, energy and a regulated metabolism.

Faça exercícios físicos mesmo trabalhando por home office
Photo: Reproduction.

Try to move more if you have been tired and unable to carry out the tasks on your schedule productively.

Six physical exercises you can do even when working from home

Now that we know that maintaining a physical activity routine is essential, and that it works well with working from home.

Here are some suggestions for physical exercises that you can do even if you work from home:

1- Yoga

If you don’t want to pay for classes, you can find videos on YouTube with complete yoga classes, which are also free. This activity offers muscle strengthening, flexibility and peace of mind. Nothing better than doing yoga positions to activate balance and patience.

2- Zumba or any other type of dance

If you like dancing, Zumba might be a good idea. You can participate in remote group classes, such as watching video classes on the YouTube platform.

A fun rhythm will always motivate the body to take steps that will work aerobic exercises and help burn calories.

3- Stretching

Before you go to sleep or when you wake up, why not take five minutes to stretch your body? Working with your joints prevents muscle pain.

4- High intensity training

Faça exercícios físicos mesmo trabalhando por home office
Photo: Reproduction.

Now if you want to lose calories, short, high-intensity workouts can be a good option, and you don’t need to leave the house to do them.

There are several channels on YouTube that offer structured workouts and video sequences with quick workouts that will make you tired and sweaty.

However, it is worth noting that you are not being accompanied by a professional, so do not do excessive exercises and pay attention to your movements, as you will be doing the activities alone.

Doing physical exercises in a short space of time can stimulate the development of the body in a comprehensive way that combines good results and practicality.

5- Go hiking

Why not go for a walk during your lunch break? A ten-minute walk is enough to ease your mind and body.

Since you’ve probably spent a lot of time working in the same position. Going for a walk allows you to get vitamin D when you get some sun.

6- Jump rope

Jumping rope is another physical exercise that is accessible and good for our health. Look for a spacious place for you to practice the activity. Jumping rope helps you develop body control and concentration.