There are several accessories that help you train in a more motivating and dynamic way. An example of this is the exercises with elastic bands.

In this way, elastic bands are a great example to continue with your training rhythm, given that they are offered in different formats and their resistance is different from each other.

Ten exercises practiced with rubber bands

– Exercises with chest bands

In this exercise, the elastic band has to be attached at a medium height, it can be on a door or a pole, if you are training outdoors, attach it to a tree.

This exercise is like performing a pulley crossover, but with aelastic. Then, tick the side of this fixed point and hold the elastic band with the arm that is at your side.

Your starting position must be as follows: taking the elastic, with your arms quickly bent and facing forward with your palms.

Afterwards, you need to pull the elastic, and keep your arms slightly bent, until your palms are able to cross or touch each other.

Depending on how high you put the elastic, you will work on different areas of the chest. If you start by pulling from the top down, you will be working the lower chest more or if you pull from the bottom up, the upper chest will be working more.

Attach each hand to both ends of the elastic band, then thread the elastic across your upper back. Do the pose as if you were going to do a push-up and do the exercise as you normally would.

This variation with elastic has the great benefit that it increases the load on the upper body, thus, pressing muscle activation with more accentuation.

– Exercises with elastic bands for the back

Start the exercise with your feet shoulder-width apart and step on the elastic. Your knees should be slightly bent as you lean your upper body forward and hold each end of the elastic band.

You have to contract your abdomen very well and make sure that your back is always straight. Then you just need to pull the rubber band as if you were going to perform dumbbell rowing.

Attach the elastic band to a high support and stand facing the band and keep your body straight.

Grab the ends of the elastic band with your arms quickly bent and bend your torso forward and your knees a little.

Lower and raise your arms with successive movements, always contracting your back muscles. Make sure you don’t fully extend your arms as you will be using your triceps.

– Exercises with elastic for legs

Lie on your right side and keep your heels, knees, hips and shoulders in line. The right leg must be slightly bent for greater stability during the exercise.

The left hand should be in front, the pelvis in neutral position and the belly contracted, in a way that the waist is slightly away from the mat.

The elastic band needs to secure the feet. The purpose is to exhale and lift the left leg with the resistance band to maximum tension.

Place the elastic under your feet, which must be in line with your shoulders. Hold the ends of the elastic band with your hands and bring it to your shoulder. Perform the squat normally, contracting the core a lot.

– Exercises with elastic bands for arms

You have to fasten the elastic band under your feet and hold each end in a way that keeps both elbows together with your torso, while performing the curl movement. Before slowly lowering your arms, contract your biceps in the movement.

With your straight foot, secure the elastic and hold the ends. Pull the end being held in your right hand behind the throne so that your arm is bent at a 90 degree angle behind your head.

The purpose is that after stretching the arm, while the elastic band provides you with greater resistance.

– Exercises with elastic bands for the shoulders

Start by tucking the elastic band under your feet and hold each end. Keeping your back straight and your buttocks tight, and your shoulders need to be tight as well.

Raise your arms forward until they are parallel to the floor. Slowly lower your arms and come back up.

To perform this exercise, you have to attach the elastic band under your right foot and hold the other end with your right hand.

While keeping the arms and body straight, raise the arm laterally, and thus pulling the elastic band, until it is at the height of the head. Stay in this position for a few seconds and then slowly lower.

The techniques for this movement are the same as for a dumbbell exercise.

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