The benefits and harms of eating raw food

Did you know that some foods may have more benefits or harms from eating raw? If not, we will show you the answer in this post.

Reasons to consume raw foods

Much of the nutrients are lost in the process of cooking the food, so eating them raw can become a much more nutritious meal, maintaining the fiber, minerals and vitamins, which would normally be lost during cooking along with the nutrients.

Furthermore, fiber is necessary for the proper functioning of the digestive system, and is more abundant in raw foods. Furthermore, they also help reduce bad cholesterol.
Raw foods are abundant in antioxidants, which help defend against free radicals, helping to avoid various types of chronic diseases.

Raw food diet

The diet known as raw food is a diet that is based on only raw foods or foods that cannot exceed 45°C to 50°C in temperature so that the food is as natural as possible. Furthermore, your diet is usually based on fruits, vegetables or grains, excluding almost 100% of meat or animal products.

Raw foods that are recommended

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The foods that are recommended for people who want to start the raw food diet are vegetables (Onion, Lettuce, Peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, among others), Oilseeds (Nuts, sunflower seeds, Almonds, among others) Fruits, (Apples, Banana, Avocado, Grape, etc. Whether natural or dehydrated), when it comes to meat, you must pay attention to the origin of the animal meat, otherwise it may contain bacteria or parasites.

How to start the raw food diet

This diet should be introduced little by little, starting to add more fruits and natural juices to your diet every day, so that your taste buds can adapt to the new diet, without consequences for your health.

Harms of eating raw foods

One of the things that people who want to opt for this diet should worry about is the origin of the meat. After all, if the meat comes from dubious origins, there is a risk that this food may be infected with bacteria and parasites that hide in meat that are normally killed in the food cooking process.